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  Farris Safety Relief Valve Series 2600  
    ASME NB Certified: Air, Steam & Water European CE Approved Sizes 1″ X 2″ to20″ X 24″. Actual orifice areas from 0.150 to 176.7 square inches.Pressures from 15 to 6000 psig. Temperature range from -450° F to +1500° F. Steel body and bonnet with stainless steel trim.
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Optional balanced bellows design isolates working parts and top-works from fouling or corrosive service, and nullifies the effects of back pressure on valve performance.    
The "D" to "T" orifices meet API Standard 526 covering orifice areas and center-toface dimensions. Super capacity types range from "W" (63.62 sq. in.) to "Z" (176.7sq. in.) and have a maximum set pressure limit of 300 psig.    
Optional materials of construction include complete 316 stainless steel, Monel®,and Hastelloy® C.Also available with materials in compliance with NACE standards.Higher temperature models use chrome moly body and bonnet.    
Optional O-ring elastomer seat available for maximum tightness.    
Applications: air, steam, gas, vapor, and liquid process applications.  
  Farris Safety Relief Valve Series 2600