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  Heater Treater  


Bliss Anand Heater Treaters are designed to carry out the process of oil-gas separation, free water removal, heating, settling and washing of crude oil all within a single compact unit.

The heater treater is skid mounted and complete with valves, instruments and accessories to ensure safe and reliable unattended operation.


Gas separation section designed to “thin film” entering emulsion for quick gas break out. 



Immersed downcomer piping from gas separation section to emulsion spreader serves as an effective heat exchanger to preheat incoming emulsion and cool the clean oil.



Deep Freewater Knockout sections below the firebox provides isolation and draw off free water, thereby avoiding unnecessary heating of water and conserving fuel.



Controls & Instrumentation provided to accurately measure the Gas, Oil & Water Flow rates, regulate the Pressure and Monitor the levels of Oil, Water in the Separator.



Quick adjustable outside water siphon provides easy interface control over a wide range of water and oil specific gravities. 



Adequate surge volume in the clean oil section relieves heading overload in gas separation section eliminating the possibility of liquid carry-over with the gas.

High capacity firebox furnishes abundant heat and quick response to thermostatically controlled demand.  
  Heater Treater