Bliss Anand is dedicated to providing a health conscious, comfortable and productive work environment for our employees.

The Company has adopted a policy that prohibits smoking within our facilities and restricts smoking to a designated outside area. Our policy as in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This policy applies to all employees, vendors, contractors, clients and visitors or any other person while on our premises.

The only approved smoking area on our property is marked on the factory layout drawing Smoking will be prohibited, at or near way from the last entrance door to end of the building. If you wish to smoke, you may do so during normal breaks and lunch periods only. It is expected that smokers will ensure that the designated smoking area does not become a housekeeping problem.

We all need to do our part and act responsibly to ensure this policy is not violated or abused. With this in mind, please understand that employees who violate this policy will be subjecting themselves to corrective disciplinary action. Should violations become an issue, we may have to reconsider this policy and restrict smoking to off-premises only. Our goal is to provide a healthful working environment and we appreciate your support of our goal.


There is no subject that is more important than your safety. Our Company recognizes and upholds the highest standards regarding our manufacturing and production facility. You are required to follow the basic rules of safety appropriate for the health and protection of yourself, your colleagues, and the Company.

Eye and Face Protection – Appropriate eye and face protection is required at all times, by all personnel where designated.
Foot Protection safety shoes are required for all production personnel. All other employees are required to wear shoes with full leather uppers (no open toe or open heels) while in the plant.
Hearing Protection – In areas where decibel levels exceed threshold limit, hearing protection may also be required.
Full Protection – Full body harnesses and lanyards are required for all personnel using power lifts.
Your Team Leader/Supervisor will discuss with you specific safety regulations and/or the use of proper personal protective equipment related to your specific job functions.
The company will ensure that all necessary personal protective equipment is made available in the tool crib.
Eating is discouraged in the production areas for safety purpose.