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  Series-E Liquid Level Gauge  
  Product Overview  
  Bliss Series-E Reflex & Transparent Gages for Pressures Up to 300# ANSI. The Series-“E” gauge is Medium Pressure level gauge with increased visible range per gage section. The Series-“E” features a recessed gasket surface, bar-stock covers and ASTM Alloy grade bolting. These gauges are not recommended for Saturated Steam service. These gages can be supplied with a variety of “Bliss” gages cocks / valves with Offset and Straight Patterns.  
  Key Features  
     Recessed Gasket Seat in Liquid Chamber and Cover  
     Pressure up to 300# ASME Gage.  
     Tempered Borosilicate Glass  
     Imported die-cut high quality Non-Asbestos Gaskets.  
     NACE MR-0175 & MR-0103.  
     All Gages features a continuous, one piece chamber
regardless of length
     Gage Connection 1/2” NPT (F)  
  Series-E Liquid Level Gauge