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  Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter
  Product Overview  
  The Model BAMR3/4 liquid level transmitter satisfies the demand for an analog communication interface for magnetic level gauge (MLG) applications. The Model BAMR3/4 transmitter provides a 4-20mA output for most MLG manufacturers and allows for mounting external to the chamber without interrupting the process.  
   High accuracy and Repeatability  
  4 to 20 mA analog output with HART®  
  No drift due to changes in:  
     - Dielectric  
     - Vapor Composition  
     - Temperature  
     - Pressure  
   Factory calibrated (No recalibration or maintenance
  AMS aware  
  Explosion-proof and/or Intrinsically Safe  
     Inventory Control  
     Process Vessel  
     Bypass Chamber  
  Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter